Telly Transcriptions has set expectations exceedingly high for our clients, and we will continuously meet them. In order to do so, we will only select the most qualified, experienced individuals to be a part of our team.

Due to the nature of the responsibilities of a transcriber, the ideal candidate will possess strong listening skills, acute attention to detail, and a great deal of self-discipline as you are required to adhere to strict deadlines. All transcribers are also required to sign and honor a non-disclosure agreement that will remain in effect during and after your service with Telly Transcriptions.

In addition to the above listed conditions, you must also:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Possess proficient knowledge of spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Type at least 75 wpm
  • Be able to accurately transcribe audio/video content
  • Possess excellent researching skills to ensure correct spelling of terminology
  • Follow instructions well
  • Possess basic computer skills and an ability to execute commands in basic computer applications
  • Own a reliable laptop or desktop with a stable internet connection
  • Have a phone and an email account
  • Own a digital foot pedal and transcription software (We do not recommend purchasing any equipment before you are hired.)

Please note we are not hiring at this time. If you meet all of the above conditions and would like to submit a resume for future consideration, you are welcome to send it to Due to the volume of resumes received, please do not call the office to inquire.